Victor Mendevil

Events & Communications Coordinator Northeastern Co-op

Victor Hugo Mendevil is a poet and graduate student in Northeastern University’s Master of Arts in English program. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing with High Distinction from Hofstra University and a BA in English Language, Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Washington. Originally from Seattle, Victor started writing poetry in third grade after a prolonged hospitalization, in which his elementary school teacher introduced the form to him while undergoing medical treatment. This newfound practice later inspired Victor to shape his career around education and poetic craft. His work explores his experiences living with a chronic autoimmune disease (Myasthenia Gravis), his identity as a multiracial individual, his religious upbringing, and family stories in the form of narrative medicine. He also enjoys travel and gastronomic writing. Victor aspires to be a Professor of Creative Writing with research interests pertaining to Native American literature, disability studies, and storytelling as medicine. His most recent pieces can be found in America’s Best Emerging Poets, Washington’s Best Emerging Poets, Capillaries Journal of Narrative Medicine, The Speculative Arts & Fiction Journal of University of Washington, and incomprehense. When not writing, Victor enjoys traveling the world, hiking, kayaking, and hip-hop dancing.