Our Partners

Mass Poetry is, if anything, a grand experiment in collaboration. We promote existing poetry and cultural organizations in Massachusetts and elsewhere in every way possible—especially by building on and complementing their work. Our collaborative efforts are in service to building a community of poetry that is accessible and welcoming to all—with a particular emphasis on reaching people who historically have not had access to poetry programming. 

Center for Creative Writing

Mass Poetry is excited to serve as an arts partner in residence at  GrubStreet’s new Center For Creative Writing, a 13,000 square-foot literary arts center located in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood. As an arts-partner-in-residence we will be helping writers of all backgrounds in this next chapter of Mass Poetry’s work as we strive to build a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive literary community. The Center for Creative Writing will host a café, podcast studio, literary stage, workshop spaces, and Porter Square Books’ new location. Stay tuned for new programs, projects and collaborations set to launch.

Poetry Coalition

Since November 2015, more than 20 nonprofit poetry organizations, including Mass Poetry, have worked together as a national Poetry Coalition to promote the value poets bring to our culture and the important contribution poetry makes in the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds. Since that time, Mass Poetry has worked in collaboration with the Poetry Coalition to provide poetry programming to the people of Massachusetts and beyond.

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Poetry Partners

Poetry Partners are other poetry organizations, groups, and presses with which Mass Poetry shares a common goal. As part of our mission to harness the power of words to engage and empower diverse communities across our commonwealth, we strive to promote and support our Poetry Partners as best we can, and appreciate their promotion, support, and involvement as well.