Veronica Mills

Design Intern

Veronica is an artist who currently goes to Montserrat College of Art. For the majority of her time in college, Veronica focused on her studies to become an art teacher, but she later discovered a new love for painting and began to develop her artistic abilities, developing new techniques for using art to broaden one’s knowledge and creative thinking while studying realism from the Masters. In Boston’s “Hall Space gallery” in 2020, Veronica had a written piece shown there. Veronica worked as a color assistant during an internship for a self-employed book illustrator, helping with spread typography and layout. She experimented with creating a few small business logos on the side. Her desire in starting a small business to sell stickers of her artwork has increased after she learned about freelancing artists. Veronica continues to learn new ways that art may benefit and affect our planet even if she is still figuring out her place in the chaotic world of art. She adores her dog Panda and enjoys watching true crime films on YouTube when she is not immersed in her artwork.