Sam Kiss

Sam Kiss is a poet and essayist currently pursuing a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College, as well as a minor in Nonprofit Communications. He is passionate about the intersection between social justice, community building, and the arts. [PARAGRAPH BREAK] His creative nonfiction essay “Chronology of the Body” was published by Brevity magazine, and will be featured in the “Best of Brevity” print anthology in 2020. He will also present his freshman honors thesis, “Hell is a Teenage Girl: the male and female gaze in female friendship horror” at the National Collegiate Honors Council conference this fall. This summer, he worked as a summer resident at Haley House, a soup kitchen that serves and supports homeless and food insecure men in Boston. When he isn’t busy working as the Head Designer for three on-campus magazines or editing his latest writing, he can be found in his room making zines.