Lindsey O’Neill

Lindsey O’Neill is a yoga teacher, writer, word alchemist and wilderness poetess. In her work, Lindsey writes to give voice to the sacred and visceral, the felt relationship between purusha and prakrati: soul, and the physical world and bodies we inhabit. She feels poetry to be an indispensable art form capable of creating embodied social change, while awakening both our humanity and our spirituality. Lindsey has taught Yoga & Writing workshops at Grub Street, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and at a local Boston yoga studio. She is passionate about inviting others to explore the way embodied creativity can enhance their own writing process, and align them more closely with their heads & hearts. Lindsey posts online at her website, Luminous Rebels, ( a virtual campfire to spark thought and ignite possibility while exploring what it means to see through the eyes of the Self as witness.