Frances Kimpel

Frances Kimpel is a performance and creative artist currently residing in Waltham, Massachusetts. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, she maintains a marked love the region’s characterizing rain, cold seas, and pervasive evergreen. Frances completed her BA at Brandeis University and achieved a Masters in Medieval History at Durham University, UK, before returning to Massachusetts, where she now divides her time between a job at Albright Art and her many creative undertakings. These include both collaborative work as a writer, director, and actor for her beloved theatre troupe, Chameleon’s Dish, as well as a myriad of independent projects in prose fiction, poetry, and material crafts. Her writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Window Cat Press (Dec. 2014), Polychrome Ink (Feb. 2015), and Agender Zine (projected Mar. 2015). Frances can be found online at