Artist/ Activist/ Educator

Missobrown Artist and Berklee Alumni, Kaovanny, is a true fusion in her existence. Representing a hybrid, spanglish generation, she seamlessly fuses sounds and movement from her Latinx upbringing, as well as the Black artists who raised her across several musical genres. Coming from a lineage of bold authors, Kaovanny speaks to the dualities in culture, religion, identity, sexuality and everything she’s learning that it is and isn’t. Using music to celebrate, communicate, and worship, Kaovanny naturally floats between her masculine and feminine energies in her delivery, to connect, educate, and then entertain. Although music is her main creative language, Kaovanny is an activist and educator when she is off the stage. Whether it’s through coaching basketball or teaching, she uses her customized curriculums to help empower youth with a special focus on the development of black and brown communities.