Resi Ibañez

Resi Ibañez is a Filipinx genderqueer poet, writer, bruha, and maker based out of Lowell, MA. They have been published in “bklyn boihood’s Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity,” LOAM magazine, and Loom Press’s “Atlantic Currents: Connecting Cork and Lowell.” They will soon be published in Blue Oak Press’s upcoming anthology “They Rise Like a Wave: an Anthology of Asian American Woman Poets.” They are an alum of multiple Winter Tangerine workshops, and have an MA in Public Humanities from Brown University. They strongly believe that the arts are an essential foundation to building community, and are the founder and host of the LGBTQ+ Lowell Open Mic, held every month in downtown Lowell. You can find them on Instagram at resi_ibanez.