Paola Cadena Pardo

Paola Cadena Pardo, 1983, Bogotá, Colombia. She has published two poetry books: “Hotel” (Ulrika, Bogotá, 2008) and “Cinema” (Venezuela, Bid & Co. Editor, 2012). Her poems have appeared in different magazines and anthologies of Spain, Mexico and Colombia. She also published a play titled “Cuando perros tienen alas” in Digital Collection, University of Cincinnati. Her essay book “Corpus autobiográfico de Julio Cortázar y Alejandra Pizarnik: un acercamiento a la experiencia creadora” is soon to be released by Alción Editora in Argentina. Paola has participated in different international poetry festivals. She holds a PhD. from the University of Cincinnati and is currently working as a visiting Spanish professor at the College of the Holy Cross.