Acoustic Nomads

Noah Harrington | Sofia Chiarandini | Maurizio Fiore Salas

Acoustic Nomads is a band of rising stars in the Northeast acoustic music scene, working together to showcase and interweave musical traditions from North and South America.  The group’s influences span from Celtic, Jazz, and Appalachian music all the way to Venezuelan, Peruvian, Argentinean, and Brazilian music.  Acoustic Nomads’ sound is a result of the players harnessing their varied musical interests and exploring uncharted musical territory together.  The group’s two most recent albums, “The Abominable Stringband Vol. 1 & 2,” are available for streaming and purchase wherever you get your music!  Please join them at 7:30pm on Thursday, November 17th at Arts at the Armory in Somerville for a musical celebration of their album release! Tickets are available here.

Acoustic Nomads will be serving as this year’s Evening of Inspired Leaders musical performance.

Sofia Chiarandini – Violin
Maurizio Fiore Salas – Cuatro & Guitar
Noah Harrington – Bass