2018 Boston Poetry Marathon

Boston Poetry Marathon Set for August 10-12 in Cambridge

A much-loved writing community tradition is returning to the Hub again in 2018. The Boston Poetry Marathon will be held August 10th – 12th, at Outpost 186 in Cambridge’s Inman Square. Over three days, nearly 100 local and out-of-town poets will read and perform their poems.

The Marathon presents a diverse range of poetry styles – academics, slam poets, students from local creative writing programs, and everyone in between rubs elbows during 17 hours of poetry programming. Each poet is given a brief timeslot to share their work with the audience. Attendance is free (donations accepted), and all ages are welcome.

The organizers (or “co-poet wranglers”) – Bridget Eileen, Suzanne Mercury, Gillian Devereux, and Darren Black, all published poets and veteran Marathon readers from the Boston-area – are organizing this year’s poetry fest which, as always, is entirely volunteer run. This year’s goal, they say, is to create an engaging atmosphere that supports poetry and sustains the local literary community.

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“The Boston Poetry Marathon is a joyful, hopeful, and strengthening event, something vital during these dire times. We have poets, the poetry community, and poems to keep us going,” said co-organizer Bridget Eileen. “ Whether we go to poetry for escape, solace, empathy, or illumination, it fortifies us. When so many people come together to celebrate poetry, that certainly fortifies us. Bringing this event to so many people who treasure it is, of course, a lot of work – but it’s also energizing. All that creativity coming together in one place is really powerful. ”

“With so much political and social uncertainty right now, we feel it’s urgent to create a welcoming space for poets to share their poems and talk with one another,” said co-organizer Suzanne Mercury. “Poetry is a life-giving force, a deep and vital source of creative empathy. The world needs much more of it, especially now. The Boston Poetry Marathon offers more poetry – a lot more! Every year I come away exhausted, inspired, and ready to write.”

Gillian Devereux outlined the festival’s goals for maintaining inclusiveness. “We’re committed to finding new voices who may not have read here in the past to add to our roster. We want to hear from poets who represent the many diverse, vibrant poetic communities in the Greater Boston area.”

“The Marathon has a great base of dedicated followers – poets who share their work year after year,” said Darren Black. “It’s encouraging to see the developmental arcs of talented writers in our city. Whether you’re an established poet who has published many books, or you have never read your work in front of people before, the audience is so supportive. You never know what you’re going to hear. Every year is fresh, and a little unpredictable. But the basic formula is simple: We listen to a bunch of poems. We hang out. We have fun. We hope you’ll join us!”

For media inquiries, please contact the organizers at: bostonpoetrymarathon2018@gmail.com.

Event Details:
Boston Poetry Marathon
Where: Outpost 186 – 186 ½ Hampshire Street, Cambridge MA
When: Friday, August 10th: 6:00 – 10:30 PM; Saturday, August 11th: 12:00 – 10:30 PM; Sunday, August 12th: 12:00 – 6:00 PM

Find us online at: