Sarah Del’s “Dreamed Wedding”

Dreamed Wedding
by Sarah Del

ice melts in boot treads
drips onto the floor  
forming a puddle below 
the high table in the bar area 
empty, save for two
grandparents, a six year-old boy                                                                   
who pokes his cheesecake crumbles 
spreads the raspberry sauce 
over his face like a sated vampire 
gloating in dominion 
while I pull the olive off my sword 
just to repierce it and suck 
the vodka salt out of its cracks

red numbers slide down the wall 
like rain drops slipping 
down the windshield
the grandfather watches dollars become cents
ignores the plucked shrimp tails 
flopping on his plate

 this isn’t right, this isn’t right, this isn’t right

I plunge feet-first 
into the pond below my chair,
come up for air in a chalice of red wine
at her table, Lindsay plans what kind 
of fish to throw over her shoulder
to find out who will get hooked next

women will use medical masks as nets,
wear white dresses with red suns 
there will be a bread bar after dinner 
with orange marmalade, marshmallow fluff, 
marmite, molasses
Their first dance will be to “I’ve Got You, Babe:”    

            I’ve got you to hold my hand
           I’ve got you and all we’ve planned
           I’ve got you to walk with me
           I’ve got you through quarantine

           I’ve got you to kiss good night
           I’ve got you, we’ll be alright
         I’ve got you I won’t let go
          I’ve got you, we must postpone

By October the moon will turn red 
like the suns on the dresses 
overnight it will burn all to black 
that will take over the day
crescent lips will kiss 
if anyone can touch again

* Writing Prompt: COVID-19 transformed everything we experience into a splintered unreality. Write a poem about a disruption you experienced during this pandemic – major or mundane – imagining it through the even more surreal format of a dreamscape.

Sarah Del, a Salem native, holds a Master’s degree in English from Salem State University. After many years of teaching high school, and then working as a veterinary technician, she now spends her time inventing creative, crazy flavors of popcorn. “Dreamed Wedding” is her first published piece.