Marissa Carty’s “I Still Have Bad Days”

I Still Have Bad Days

by Marissa Carty

I welcome bad days now, 
embrace the rain with 
butterflies on my rainboots 

shamefully, I needed the data to prove it 
and Scientific verse delivered: 
darkness really does relieve the light 

I know now that a good life 
does not equate to a sum of good days 

no longer do I fear gloom 
or angst or restlessness or loneliness 

the hopeless moments are still unpleasant 
but not unbearable 
nor a bad omen of worse tomorrows 

and what’s more, now 
I am the steaming lavender tea 
I gift myself 
when the bad news refuses to yield 

I am the blanket I wrap around myself 
on stormy evenings 

Compton, William C.; Hoffman, Edward L.. Positive Psychology (p. 70). SAGE Publications. Kindle Edition. “People who scored a 10 on a 10-point scale of happiness were actually worse off than those who scored an 8 or 9.”

Writing Prompt: Journal for 10 minutes about the challenges you’ve been facing lately. Choose a line from the entry and build a poem around it.

Marissa Carty is a poet inspired by well-being, social connection, and nature. Originally from Hopkinton, MA, Marissa grew up on a lake where she developed a deep relationship with nature. She moved to Boston to study psychology and dance in Boston University’s Class of 2022, where she completed a poetry collection on human flourishing as her keystone project through the Kilachand Honors College. She infuses both science and spirituality into her work and loves to use poetry as a coping mechanism and a celebration of life’s ups and downs.