Gail Mazur: Massachusetts Poet in the Spotlight

 Highlighted by Blacksmith House Poetry Series

Gail MazurGail Mazur, who founded the Blacksmith House Poetry Series in Cambridge, is the author of 6 collections of poems, including They Can’t Take That Away from Me, a finalist for the National Book Award, Zeppo’s First Wife, winner of the Massachusetts Book Prize and finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and Figures in a Landscape. Mazur is Distinguished Writer in Residence in the graduate program of Emerson College. She serves on the Summer Program and Writing Committees of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown where she also teaches poetry workshops. Her poems are widely anthologized, including in Favorite Poem anthologies and several baseball poetry anthologies! [Read more...]

U35 Reading Coming September 9

U35_LogoYou won’t want to miss our September installment!

September 9, 7 p.m.
The Marliave in Boston

Jessica Fjeld, Josh Cook, and Lauren McCormick

Get the details & connect through our Facebook event.


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August Poems on the T: Dietz, Hoffman, Marchant

We are happy to announce that three new poems went up on the red line this week. Over the next four weeks, keep an eye out for “Pluto” by Maggie Dietz, “Rising” by Richard Hoffman, and “A Place at the Table” by Fred Marchant. Don’t forget to take a #PoeTrySelfie!

"Pluto" by Maggie Dietz

“Pluto” by Maggie Dietz

"Rising" by Richard Hoffman

“Rising” by Richard Hoffman

"A Place at the Table" by Fred Marchant

“A Place at the Table” by Fred Marchant

Calliope’s 8th Reading Season Begins September 7

Mark Doty

Mark Doty

Calliope’s 8th season begins on Sunday, September 7th, 3 – 5 p.m. at the West Falmouth Library, with readings by National Book Award winning poet and Chancellor of the American Academy of Poets, Mark Doty and Justen Ahren, founding director, Noepe Center for Literary Arts, Martha’s Vineyard.  $20—Reservations through website, limited seating.  Funded, in part, through a grant from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.
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Mass Poetry Newsletter from Laurin Macios

Laurin announces the next U35 reading, the success of Professional Development Day and the latest Poets Who Write Prose essay.

U35_LogoSave the date for our next U35 Reading: September 9

7 p.m., The Marliave, Boston

Jessica Fjeld, Josh Cook, and Lauren McCormack

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Jack Scully’s South of Boston Poetry Trail


Jack Scully

Jack Scully

Bits and Pieces

We laugh,

We cry,

We write poetry,

The world smiles…


Seeing we are in the lazy days of summer, I am a little delayed in getting this issue out but here goes.


Sorry about last month’s newsletter, for some reason many readers had problems with the size of the type as the format seem to change. [Read more...]

Jacquelyn Malone: How Tech Writing Helped My Poetry (Yeah, Tech Writing!)

Check out the other essays in our series Poets Who Write Prose.

Jacquelyn Malone

Jacquelyn Malone

When I say that being a technical writer made me a better poet, I can almost see you raise a cynical eyebrow and say, “Oh, yeah!” I should perhaps add that being a technical writer in a company that subjected writing to usability testing – and placed technical writers close to the usability labs – made me a better poet. Nothing hammers into your head the subtlety of how words are received better than sitting behind a two-way mirror and watching some poor soul struggle to complete a task you’ve written about. [Read more...]


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