Complete List of Poems of the Moment

As poems are published in our “Poem of the Moment” section, they will be added to this list alphabetically by the last name of their author:

Julie Batten: Hurdles

Susan Berlin: False Witness

Richard Berlin: A Headlong Act of Love

Ben Berman: Close to Closure  Ben’s new book Strange Borderlands is available for pre-order at Able Muse

Frank Bidart:  If See No End In Is

Sherwin Bitsui:  River   

Victoria Bosch-Murray: Traveling Mercies

DaQuan Lee Cook: Elegy for M.C.H.

Kevin Carey: Newburyport

Martha Carlson-Bradley:  Man in the Moon 

Martha Collins: [white paper #6]

Patty Crane: Something Flown

Abbot Cutler: The Swallow

Tom Daley: “My Mother Revisits the Scene of a Tryst with My Father at the Great Falls of the Potomac

Bernadette Darnell:  Marriage

 Maggie Deitz:  The Yellow House, 1978  

Patrick Donnelly:   Link    

Stephen Dunn:  What Goes On  

Martin Espada: The Playboy Calendar and the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam

Nikky Finney:  The Afterbirth, 1931  

Erica Funkhouser: Impossible

Cynthia Read Gardner: Vitiligo

Regie Gibson: southeast ridge

Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Public School No.18, Paterson, New Jersey

Michelle Gillett:   Love Poem 137  

Kevin Goodan:  (to crave what llight does crave)

Joey Gould: The First Day

Hannah Fries:  Epithalamion

Joy Harjo:    A Map to the Next World  

Charles Harper: Reaching

Barry Hellman: The Conversation

Richard Hoffman: Pantoum: But You Are Gone

Doug Holder:  Transcendence

Lis Weiss Horowitz: The Bicyclist

Joan Houlihan:   And a Cloth Bled High on a Stick  

Barbara Helfgott Hyett: In the Ring of Twenty Signs

Major Jackson:  How to Listen  

Jennifer Jean: The Prisoner

Danielle Jones-Pruett:   Chiaroscuro  

Mary Kane:  A Few Rules of Thumb

J. Kates: The Ax-Murderer’s Daughter

Claire Keyes:  Matinee   

Lawrence Kessenich: Quiz Tomorrow

Joan. A. W. Kimball: Potter

Alice Kociemba: Paper Route

Yusef Komunyakaa: Requiem

Jeffrey Levine: Working With the Lepers

Moira Linehan: America

Henry Lyman:  Sometimes on a River

Paul Marion:  South Common Haiku Set 

Jill McDonough: Accident, Mass. Ave.

Wesley McNair:   Hymn to the Comb-Over  

Fred Marchant: Night Heron Maybe   

Gary Metras: Shards of River

Fan Ogilvie: Cloud Meets Considerable Data

Sharon Olds: I Could Not Tell

January O’Neil: Bathing My Mother

Dzvinia Orlowsky: Illegible Postcards

Carla Panciera:   Plum Island and Back  

Dawn Paul:  Black Bear Hunt

Robert Pinsky:  Samurai Song

Emily Pulfer-Terino: Tracks

Mary Ellen Redmond: Quiz Tomorrow

Paul Richmond: The Lost Cafe

Susan Edwards Richmond: “Beginners”

Laurie Robertson-Lorant: These Days

Mark Schorr: from Recovery

Lloyd Schwartz:  A True Poem 

Rene Schwiesow: Shades

J.D. Scrimgeour: For Langston

Barry Sternlieb: The Salvation of Humor

David Surette:  Famine

Arthur Sze:  Comet Hyakutake

Cammy Thomas: Ring

Daniel Tobin:  The Turnpike 

Lisken Van Pelt Dus: In Both Hands

Cindy Veach:  NPR Said We Are Made of Stardust

Mark Wagner:  Prologue

Afaa Michael Weaver:   My Father’s Geography

Lauren Wolk: Divided December

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